Presentation of the nursery

Created in 2009, RUSTIC PALM GROVE started out, like many, buying in stock, potting on and reselling until 2012 when the extremely hard winter destroyed all the nursery plants and a large part of the plants in the grounds of the nursery, most of which were imports.

It was evident that a new approach was called for in order to be able to offer a hardy selection of quality plants to our clients.

The way forward was the transformation of the grounds of the nursery into a large scale showroom, using our own plants for division.

Our philosphy is straightforward : to grow our own plants, ensuring that they are frost, drought and heat resistant before using them to produce the plants we sell to you, our clients. This allows us to see how the plants evolve in a natural setting, in our climate, without the use of greenhouses and modern forcing methods so common in plant suppliers and to determine the conditions for optimum plant growth and development.

From the moment we put our plants into production to the point of sale, we respect every stage of the growth cycle, using minimum amounts of fertiliser and water to ensure that our plants develop a sturdy root system, guaranteeing their longevity once planted out under the right conditions in your gardens.

Climate change is impacting the way plants grow.

We believe we must change the way we garden to minimise our impact and contribution to climate change.

The gardens around the nursery allow us to show you how we do this and how our parent stock evolves under those conditions.

The 1000m2 nursery, which is entirely outdoors, specialises in ornamental grasses, invasive and non invasive bamboo, french grown palm trees, banana plants, large flowering hardy hibiscus, perennials and rockery plants.

Pratically all of our stock is produced at the nursery, guaranteeing the quality and origin of our plants as well as our in depth knowledge of plant care.

We also stock a small range of planting containers, our own professional planting compost ready bagged in 50l bags, planting fertiliser and slow release balanced fertiliser for established plants as well as hemp mulch for your beds, pots and borders.

Advice on planting schemes and difficult planting areas is also happily provided as part of the service.

Quotes for creative garden design can also be provided.

Our usual opening times are from Tuesday to Saturday from 10h until 18h and on Sundays from 10h until 18h.

It's difficult to include photos of all the plants we produce. Under each subsection you can get a taster to encourage you to come and discover the full range at the nursery.