Our bamboo

We offer a vast selection of bamboo both invasive and clumping or non invasive (Fargesia), which, in the majority of cases, we have planted as mature subjects in the gardens around the nursery, allowing you to see how each species evolves over time. We are pretty unique in this aspect and offer one of the best choices in invasive and non invasive or clumping bamboo in Charente and for the surrounding areas of Dordogne, Limousin or the Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Invasive or running bamboo : an invasive bamboo has two root systems. One system which provides nourishment for the plant and, a rhizome system, which allows the bamboo to spread or run, mostly underground although sometimes over ground. This type of bamboo requires regular maintenance to keep it looking good. This also helps to limit the amount it spreads although it is a mistake to believe that you can totally control or limit its spread. Anti rhizome barriers, can, if well installed, limit it’s progress however an invasive bamboo has a tendency to go around, over or under any obstacle in its path.

Normally, the new shoots are pushed up once a year, invariably around the same time each year. The bamboo usually spreads in one or two directions at a time and this gives an indication of the rhizome’s underground progress. It is vital to carefully choose where an invasive bamboo is to be planted, regardless of whether it grows to 30cm or 30m and we are, of course, here to guide you in your choice both of species and planting location.

Non-invasive or clumping bamboo : this bamboo has a rhizome system which forms around the root ball. The root ball increases in size over time, just like any other persistent perennial, without spreading to other areas of your garden. It has a regular growth pattern and as such, can be considered faster growing than an invasive bamboo. It increases in size in a regular fashion around the root ball, forming excellent hedging plants, wind breaks and visual barriers. Each variety has a different growth habit, from cascading to elegant columns.

We offer over eleven different varieties, each having its specific qualities. Carefully chosen, they are a considerable asset to any garden and we are, of course, here to guide you in your selection.

Our bamboo are suitable for being grown in pots and containers, being planted out in the garden enhancing your borders and beds or, as a single specimen planted in the lawn.

All our bamboo are hardy and appropriate for sunny to shady areas of the garden according to the variety and species.

Chusquea couleou
Fargesia denudata
Fargesia robusta
Fargesia rufa
Fargesia rufa
Fargesia scabrida
Fargesia SP1