Our gardens

Purchased in 2005, the gardens have undergone a series of changes to transform them from a field of brambles with a few trees and two small lakes, to the peaceful haven of tranquility surrounding the nursery today.

Initially open to the public for visits, we decided, in 2016, to focus our time and energy on our business, Rustic Palm Grove nurseries, closing the grounds for visits by the public who, sadly, had also come to treat our garden like a public park.

Twice a year we open the gardens to visitors : in June for the national « rendez-vous au jardin » event and then again for our very own garden and plant show in September.

During our garden and plant show, which attracts over 1600 visitors over the weekend, we are obviously open for business as usual and also invite colleagues to display and sell their produce in a setting of exceptional beauty and tranquility.