News and updates

We will be present on the 31st of May 2020 at a solidarity plant show organised by the Pays du Ruffecois to help support hard hit nurseries like our own. More details under the calendar section of the site.

Our perennials are ready to go to their new homes: arums and lupins are splendid and flowers abound in this season.

All the Spring plant shows are cancelled so we have decided to adopt our summer opening hours until further notice. On this monday 11th May 2020, exceptionally, the nursery is open. After that, we are open from Tuesday to Sunday from 08h30 until 13h00 and from 16h30 until 20h.

You won't see any distancing bands on the ground nor plexiglass at the nursery as we consider that we are collectively responsible for our health and safety. This pandemic, is, for us, an invitation to change behaviour, to establish what is truly important to each of us, to change the way we consume goods and services. The industrial giants have, almost certainly, seen a drop in turnover on certain lines (and a huge increase in turnover on others), this is nothing compared to the difficulties which small businesses are having to face. We really encourage you all to support small businesses, they need you, they need your custom, they need you to be or become a regular customer and this, all year round.

As we have no covered areas, it is fairly easy for us all to maintain safe distancing. This requires a change in practice so that it becomes a reflex. As part of this learning curve, should we forget to maintain distancing, please remind us to do so, just as we will remind you to do the same.

We offer a coaching service at your home, to help you place and get the best from the plants you buy from us.

Lots of people are lost when it comes to deciding what to do and where to start in the garden. By booking an appointment at the nursery and bringing photos and dimensions of your garden, you help us to come up with planting suggestions that meet your tastes, needs and budget.

If you currently have a project which has been delayed by the lockdown and you still have prep work to be done, we suggest you come to the nursery armed with plans so that we can move forward on the plants which would suit your needs and cost these options. When you are ready to plant, you can then come to pay and collect your plants and accessories or, should there be new restrictions on movement at that time, we can organise to deliver to you.